Property Insurance

We will ensure you have a property insurance policy that’s right for you.

Tenants insurance provides coverage for your personal property. Landlords do not have coverage for your property if a loss occurs: leaving many tenants in financial hardship. Most importantly it covers your tenants’ liability.

Tenants are responsible for any damage to the building as a result of their actions. It is not uncommon for a landlord to require tenants insurance as part of the legal agreement.


As a condominium unit owner you, have a duty to protect not only to your personal property but also the condominium corporation. You are required by the condominium by-laws to carry a specific condominium unit owner policy. The policy also includes owners improvements, loss assessment coverage and additional condominium coverage. We are happy to explain this coverage in detail with you


Cottages have changed a lot in the last 20 years. Many are now occupied year-round and it is becoming more common to have a cottage that has all the luxury of home. Many of our companies recognize this and have introduced policies that include a package which is very similar to a home policy that allows for personal property and coverage on the building at replacement cost. Coverage is still available for the seasonal cottage owner who’s only concerned with liability and basic coverages on the building and contents.

Rented Buiding

If you have more than one property and the people living in the home are not immediate family it will fall under rented buildings. This can be easily added to your homeowners’ policy. There are several types of coverage we can add to the policy other than the building such as coverage for owner’s contents including a fridge and stove, and rental income which allows the owner to continue to collect money if a loss occurs. We are equipped to offer coverage on any size and number of buildings you may have. We insure a duplex, triplex or any other rental property you may have.

Personal Umbrella Policy

An umbrella policy provides protection once the limits on your homeowners, renters, condo or auto policy have exhausted. It also covers you for things such as libel and slander. Because the personal umbrella policy goes into effect after the underlying coverage is exhausted, there are certain limits that usually must be met in order to purchase this coverage. Whether it’s your home, condo, cottage or rented dwelling, our friendly and knowledgeable staff at Taylor Forder Insurance will ensure you have a property insurance policy that’s right for you. Let us provide you with the best coverage at the best price!

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