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Your protection is our policy.

Ensuring you have adequate coverage for your home is imperative. The brokers at Taylor Forder Insurance understand what matters most to you. We provide tailor-made home insurance policies based on your needs to best protect you and your family. The experienced staff of Taylor Forder Insurance will review your insurance requirements with you and recommend the best policy to suit your needs at the best price. Your protection is our policy.

Home Insurance Factors

  • Some companies offer coverage for personal property of parents residing in a nursing home or for students away at school
  • There are limitations in your policy for fur, jewellery, sporting goods, coin collections, art collections. If you have these, items you should talk with your broker to increase their limits.
  • If you store items at your residences such as cars, boats or recreational vehicles, these are not covered by your homeowner’s policy. Each item requires its own insurance.
  • The homeowner’s policy excludes business operations. If you operate a business from home, you must inform your insurer and cover operations on a separate policy.
  • Flood & Earthquake is not covered on your policy. Overland coverage is not available for purchase in Canada, while Earthquake is available for an extra premium.
  • We have many markets for hard to place home’s. Call us if you are having trouble obtaining home insurance.

High-Value Homeowners

At Taylor Forder Insurance, we have brokers specialised in insuring High Valued Homes. We have access to several insurance companies that have policies geared toward VIP claims treatment, higher limits for jewellery and furs, coverage for wine breakage & spoilage and many other enhancements. Call us today for a quote!

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